The Law

Join us as we dive into interesting topics that we’re involved in, chatting to the leaders here and really getting to grips with what we stand for as a church.

Ep. 23 - Moral Law

We conclude our series on ‘Redeemed:Directors Cut’ and our triptych on the law by looking at the place of those laws that speak of the Moral code and standards God expects of His people and how that affects us today.

Ep. 22 - Civil Law

We’re back for the second episode looking at the law given to Israel in our series ‘Redeemed: Director’s Cut’. Owen is joined by Emmy Bourne and Grant de Jongh as they chat through the topic of Civil Law, and how we are to interpret those given to Israel through the lens of the new covenant in Christ.

Ep. 21 - Ceremonial Law

Nae and Ken are the guests on the podcast this month as they join Owen looking at the law given to Israel, specifically those relating to ceremonies and rituals given by God to His people. What are they? Are they relevant for us today?