Pray like Jesus

Join us as we dive into interesting topics that we’re involved in, chatting to the leaders here and really getting to grips with what we stand for as a church.

Ep. 28 - Lead us not into temptation…

In this final episode of this series, Si joins the podcast looking at those final verses of the Lord’s prayer – “lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil”.

Ep. 27 - Forgive us our sins…

In our penultimate episode of this series, Owen is joined by Janet Johnston from Kings Community Church Southampton. They discuss the importance of forgiveness and Janet gives amazing insight into our need for forgiveness from God and how that should overflow to those we interact with.

Ep. 26 - Give us this day our daily bread

This month Owen is joined by Lawrence Mudford, one of the elders at Kings Church Uckfield as they look at the next few lines of the Lord’s Prayer. They discuss relying fully on God’s provision, waiting on our daily needs (and wants) and the large topic of unanswered prayer.

Ep. 25 - Your Kingdom Come

Ken joins us on the podcast this month as we continue looking at the Lord’s Prayer. He speaks personally about his experiences and journey in prayer and why should pray for revival and Christ’s second coming.

Ep. 24 - Our Father

Starting our new series called ‘Pray like Jesus’, Catherine Mudford joins us on the podcast and unpacks the first 2 lines of the Lord’s Prayer!