God will see you through

Join us as we dive into interesting topics that we’re involved in, chatting to the leaders here and really getting to grips with what we stand for as a church.

Ep. 19 - Financial Issues

Continuing our series on ‘God will see you through’, Owen is joined by Julie Coates (Foodbank Manager) and Catherine Mudford (Community Money Advice – ChristChurch). They chat through the difficulties that many people are facing with debt and financial struggles and how God’s heart is to see freedom from captivity. 

Ep. 18 - Bereavement

On this second episode of our series Owen is joined by Anne Cottingham and Eloise Reah as they look at the subject of God’s presence and provision through a season of bereavement.

Ep. 17 - Health Issues

This month on the start of a brand new series Owen is joined by Nigel and Sandra Coltman as we look at the topic of living with God’s strength, guidance and grace through chronic illness.