What about...

Join us as we dive into interesting topics that we’re involved in, chatting to the leaders here and really getting to grips with what we stand for as a church.

Ep. 12 - Reading the Bible in different contexts and cultures

Owen is joined this episode by Andy McCullough. Andy is an elder at Reading Family Church and is heavily involved in the support of Catalyst churches in the Middle East. On this episode they speak about the importance of reading the bible not only through your own cultural lens.

Ep. 11 - Doubt

In our final episode of the 3D Modern living series, Grant de Jongh and Ray Bodkin join Owen as they talk about dealing with doubts. What does it mean to doubt our calling, God’s plans for us or even our faith completely?

Ep. 10 - Discipleship

Continuing our 3D Modern Living series, Anna Fry and Margaret Tye come on the podcast to speak about the important topic of Discipleship.

Ep. 9 - Depression + Mental Health

We kick off Season 2 of the What About Podcast! Looking first of all at the subject of Depression. Owen is joined by Duncan Purvey and Emmy Bourne to tackle this tricky and often painful issue.

Ep. 6 - What about a thankful church?

Jenni Joyes and Nigel Unwin join Owen to keep our conversation on the culture at ChristChurch going. This month we look at how we at ChristChurch look to be thankful in all we do.

Ep. 5 - What about Church as family?

Elo and Phil join Owen this month as we continue looking at the culture statements of the church. This week we look at what it means for ChristChurch to be a family and how that practically works itself over, specifically in a world that requires more organisational structures within churches.

Ep. 3 - What about being Spirit Filled?

Owen is joined by Rob Williams and Duncan Pratt as they discuss the role of the Holy Sprit in salvation and sanctification. They also delve into the topic of charismatic/cessationism.

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