Life Groups & Discipleship Groups

In the New Testament we see that the early church not only gathered publicly where they could but they would also meet regularly in people’s homes. 

At ChristChurch we follow this principle and have life groups and discipleship groups that run regularly, giving us an opportunity to grow together in our faith and love for Jesus. We have a monthly rhythm of our monthly Breakthrough Prayer meetings on the first Sunday of each month, with Life Groups meeting on weeks 2 and 4 and Discipleship Groups meeting on week 3.

Life Groups

Our Life Groups meet twice a month, meeting in people’s houses across Hailsham and in the surrounding areas. These groups have a great time together looking at the bible in greater depth, worshipping God and just enjoying ‘doing life’ together. 

These groups meet in both the daytime and across various evenings throughout the week. If you would like more information about these groups please contact us.

Discipleship Groups

Discipleship Groups run once a month in smaller groups of around 3-5 people, where we can really focus being intentional on discipling a group of other believers, or being discipled in a small group context to become more like Jesus, being able to challenge and equip one another in ways that a larger life group setting might not always allow for.

These groups often run out of our Life Groups, but can be a new, organic group born out of similar life stages, ages, etc. We have a Discipleship Booklet that we encourage groups to work through, with different phases appropriate for different parts of our walk with Jesus. If you aren’t in a Discipleship Group but would like to be, or would like to run one to equip other believers, please do contact us and we would love to help you find a group.