Good News in Uncertain Times

By Simon Fry - 8 September 2020

There can be no doubt that during the first 9 months of 2020 the world has changed.  In the wake of the current pandemic that is far from over, people have lost loved ones, are worried about loved ones, world travel have been disrupted, peoples jobs are at risk, holidays cancelled, the global economy has shrunk which in turn limits funds available to provide health care.  Children and young people have had their education disrupted.  For the first time in this country for around 800 years church buildings were closed, and some still are.  Democratic rights have been limited and democracy appears weak on the world stage.  The Western Worlds guilt/innocence culture based on law and order, is rapidly changing to an honour/shame culture with social media being the main driver.  

These are uncertain and changing times that have lead people to seek comfort and security in a variety of ways; some good, many, not so good.  In times like this knowing Jesus has all authority (Matthew 28v18) and is still sitting on the throne in charge of all things is very comforting (Ephesians 1v20-21).  Whilst none of us know what God is fully doing in this pandemic (Romans 11v33-34), we can be confident that God is working all things into his eternal plan (Ephesians 1v11); that all the days of our life are in his hands (Psalms 139v16) and as we live for him nothing will come our way that is without some eternal purpose (Romans 8v28-29).  More than this, as disciples of Christ we are not called to live for this life but for the eternal age to come (John 12v24-26); and a large part of us fulfilling this is through us pointing people to Jesus through what we say and do (2 Cor 5v16-21).  As when the whole world has heard the good news (gospel) about Jesus then the eternal age will come (Mark 24v14).  

So whilst this volatile times continue to cause people to feel worried and vulnerable, what better time for us as Christ’s Church to not give into fear (Jesus hasn’t given us a spirit of fear 2 Timothy 1v7), but boldly point people to Jesus who loves them and can lead them through the storms of this life (Matthew 7v24-27), and when their time has come, into life eternal (John 11v25-26).  

The world needs the gospel of Jesus, and the good news for us as his church is that Jesus wants to use you to share it (Ephesian 2v10 & 3v10).  So let’s be those who share the gospel, which is the true the hope of the world and the power of God unto salvation for all who believe (Romans 1v16-17).  The gospel of Jesus stands up to scrutiny, stands strong against tyranny, stands firm under persecution and stands immutable in the tumultuous chaos of life; all God requires of you is that you’re bold enough to share it.