Transformational mission in northern Uganda

By Ken Matthews - 29 February 2024

Colossians 1v13 ”For he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.“

25 years ago Sue and I met Pastor Chris Komagum in the front room of our house. We were having a missions prayer evening when Chris arrived to join us. The Spirit of God came upon that meeting and joined us on a mission under Chris‘ Leadership to reach out to the communities around Lira, northern Uganda. That region was in Civil War at the time with horrific atrocities taking place. More than 1 million people were displaced into camps. Young children were being abducted in their thousands, and being turned into child soldiers . The leader of the Lord resistance army, Joseph Kony, was steeped in witchcraft, and the area he came from was dominated by the kingdom of darkness. Pastor Chris attached us to a church planting movement in that region, with the objectives of rescuing the population to the kingdom of God. He was born in that very region and his family suffered under that regime. We made such good friends on that exploit and lived there for several years to get behind the work of God.

Our mission in January, again in partnership with Chris and Heather Komagum, was to serve the local church to transform that heartland by the gospel, the Word of God, and the move of the Spirit. We were based in Kamdini but more than 100 churches from the region, linked arms in Mission. Thousands of people came. Groups were run throughout the day for men, women, leaders, youth, children and people who were responding to the gospel. Every evening for one week the gospel was preached and people responded. 

At the end of the week, more than 300 people were baptised in a tributary to the Nile – after crocs and hippos were cleared! 

The conference was opened on the first Sunday by a local church leader/government leader who welcomed us and gave us many examples of how over the years the area was being transformed. The conference was closed one week later by the retired Archbishop Luke Orombi – a much loved Bible believing and Spirit filled statesman from the north. Churches from across the Bible believing spectrum participated in the mission and the follow up. Everyone who came were fed and given opportunity to stay overnight. The believers were strengthened and many children and young people responded especially. 

We give glory to God for what he is doing in that area. For the deliverance and salvation that many experience. For the unity of believers in that place. For the team drawn, not only from the area, but from across the world – it was such a joy to work with them. For the hundreds who have seriously embraced the gospel transformation and begun a walk of discipleship.

Please pray for northern Uganda that the Church will continue to take authority together in Jesus name to rescue the area and the population, bringing them into the kingdom of God. Please pray also for continuing humility amongst the church leaders as they strive to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.

Sue and I will be going out again in mid May, God willing, to meet with the churches that took part, to strengthen their hands, and build up their churches. We will continue the discovery Bible study approach and teach through leadership using 1 and 2 Timothy. Sue will also do some eye testing as per last time.

Glory to God!