Pastoral Support

Pastoral Support team at ChristChurch


Pastoring, or as the Apostle Peter puts in it his letter “to shepherd the flock”, is a God given responsibility for every local church. At ChristChurch we believe that the elders are held accountable for those placed under their care, and have the overarching pastoral responsibility.

In all but the smallest of churches, elders cannot do all that is required without neglecting their primary calling to provide oversight and be men of the word and prayer.

While life groups play a vital part in the pastoral ministry, we need those with the skills and the gifting to assist them with the care and support needed. Hence why we have established a Pastoral Team.


Role and Responsibilities

To provide a caring and responsive approach to people seeking pastoral support, using scripture as our source and empowering the person in the process.

  • To work under the direction of the ChristChurch elders who maintain the overall responsibility for pastoral care .
  • To receive the information necessary to understand the request for pastoral support. To handle this with sensitivity, maintaining godly integrity and confidentiality in line with the ChristChurch policies, procedures and guidance.
  • To give time in prayer, preparation and opportunity to understand and seek the needs of the whole person; under the direction of the Holy Spirit.
  • To support in a way that enables people to consider, understand and apply biblical truths to their lives and situations.