Who We Are

We are a Church made up of all sorts of people – from newborn babies to retired folk in their 80s, single and married – with lots of different backgrounds and stories. There is no such thing as a typical ChristChurch person.

Who’s who at ChristChurch?

The Church is led by a team of 3 Elders.

Simon Fry leads the team. He, his wife Anna and their four children joined ChristChurch from Kings Community Church Southampton in 2015.

Paul Tack has been an Elder at ChristChurch since 2007. He is married to Janet and they have four grown-up children and four grandchildren. Paul is a senior manager for a leading Christian UK-based Charity. Paul gives a great deal of time pastoring people and developing the life groups within the Church.

Duncan Pratt has been an Elder at ChristChurch since 2014. He is single and has had a career in the nursing profession within the NHS. Duncan has a passion for the prophetic and for seeing spiritual gifts in general released to the body of Christ.


The Legal and Financial aspects of Church life come under the auspices of the Trustees. The Church is a Charitable Company limited by guarantee (Hailsham Frontiers Charitable Trust Charity Number 1118740 & Company Number 6033909). The Trustees are Phil Reah (Chair), Steve Mewett, Sandra Coltman, Jeff Tye and Georgie Williams.


Sam Kendell has been an Intern Pastor at ChristChurch since 2014. He is married to Hannah and they have a daughter. Together, Sam and Hannah are developing the Church’s work with teens and 20s.

Eloise Reah has been working as our children’s worker since 2016. She is married to Phil and they have two children.

Jenni Joyes is the Church Administrator. She is married to Chris and they have two young children.

Rod Tice is the Church finance officer.

Our History

ChristChurch began as Hailsham Christian Fellowship in 1981, when a number of families in the local area began to experience something of a move of the Holy Spirit. The church was born as people were converted to Christ, baptized in water and filled with the Holy Spirit. On the 8th February 1981, we met for the first time at the Lansdowne Children’s Centre in Hawkes Road, where Paul Endersby was Principal. Shortly after this Ray Bodkin became the leader. The Church went through some challenging times along the way but God is always faithful! In 2006 Andy and Janet Johnston moved from Kings Church Eastbourne to lead the work. The Church was renamed and fresh vision for the future was cast. In December 2014 the Church eventually moved into its own premises for the first time in its history, the Ropemaker Centre.

Newfrontiers and Catalyst

ChristChurch has been a Newfrontiers Church for many years. Newfrontiers as a Family of Churches began in Sussex just down the road from us in Seaford when a young Terry Virgo began to help other local Church pastors who were looking to him to help them build New Testament style Churches. Over the next 30 years the movement grew to over 700 Churches in 50 plus countries. In 2011 Terry stepped back from his day to day leadership responsibilities and, in the UK, leadership responsibility passed to a number of gifted apostolic men. At ChristChurch, we work with 90 or so Churches in the UK that make up the Catalyst Network. Together, we are also serving over 500 Churches overseas. The Catalyst Network is led by Simon Holley who is based at Kings Arms Church, Bedford. Locally, we work with Martyn Dunsford who is based at Kings Community Church Hedge End. Martyn works all over the world and we as a local Church have particularly connected with his apostolic ministry in the Balkans and East Africa.